Monday, April 21, 2008

danica in the fast lane

Congratulations to racer girl Danica Patrick for becoming the first woman to ever win a major Indy car race!

Patrick has been on the Indy scene for three years now, and has won numerous postseason awards, including 2005 IndyCar Rookie of the Year and three IndyCar Most Popular Driver awards. But until this weekend, Patrick had missed out on victory—sometimes, just barely. I like to think of her as the Phil Mickelson of Indy racing for having produced so much talk about her potential and taking such a long time to finally win. Needless to say, Lefty eventually left all the talk behind, and so it is now time for Danica to shut her naysayers up as well!

Incidentally, there was a neat article in Wired this month about just how in shape you have to be—both physically and mentally—to be a pro race-car driver. In particular you'll need a neck of steel and a tolerance for flaming toes. Who knew? Anyhoo, well done Ms. Patrick!

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