Saturday, November 01, 2008

songs for a new era

My mom forwarded me this thoughtful article about the difficulty of crafting a political song for the 21st century. So I thought I'd respond by compiling a little politics/election-themed mix.

People often complain about the dearth of guiding voices in the political music world today. While I'd agree that there are fewer artists known specifically for being activist singer-songwriters than there were, say, in the 1960s, I think there are plenty of artists out there writing and singing about politics—and making an important impact (Dixie Chicks, anyone?). This mix represents songs from the last two decades, but most of them are quite recent. Some of them may not be directly political, but I felt the subject matter was related enough to include. Enjoy!

Soft Revolution - Stars
Alarm Call - Björk
American Idiot - Green Day
North American Scum - LCD Soundsystem
It's a Hit - Rilo Kiley
Mr. President - Janelle Monae
To the Teeth - Ani DiFranco
Dear Mr. President - Pink, featuring Indigo Girls
Viva La Vida - Coldplay
Wish - Ellen Allien
Mosh - Eminem
Price of Gasoline - Bloc Party
Policy of Truth - Depeche Mode
An End Has a Start - Editors
Power to the Meek - Eurythmics
Stand Up (Mob Action Mix) - Superchick
The Rising - Bruce Springsteen

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