Monday, February 23, 2009

an odd night for fashion

Well, the Oscars are all over for 2009 (make sure to check out my final reviews for movies I saw prior to the ceremony), and I must say that the dresses this year were among the strangest set I've seen to date for a glamorous red carpet evening. In my opinion, there was way too much chiffon, too many pleats that didn't belong, trains running out of control, and basically just bad prom dresses all over the place. There were a few notable exceptions, but overall, I'd give this year a thumbs-down for Oscar night fashion.

The following were my favorite gowns of the evening...

...and here are just a few of the clunkers.

I'll also take a moment to call out Jennifer Aniston for best hair and Mickey Rourke for what was surely the biggest waste of expensive hair product ever, in the history of mankind.

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