Saturday, June 02, 2012

a no-no for johan

Leave it to me to pick last night to go completely offline and in the process miss out on a major piece of Mets history. I knew something was up when I turned on my phone this morning and found about five text messages from a selection of my Mets-loving friends... What a way to start the day: The Mets. Have. A no-hitter! For a team that has so often been composed of loveable losers, this feat is particularly sweet. Congrats to Johan Santana for making it happen in such dramatic fashion. And now, I'm off to watch the replay.


  1. Sorry, but maybe this is some consolation:

  2. Interesting, thanks! Can't say I agree, tho. Future no hitters simply won't be as meaningful. Still, I can't really complain...I've gotten to see plenty of historic moments in Mets history, quite a few of which were in person.

  3. Future no hitters simply won't be as meaningful". To the franchise and to 90% of Mets fans true. But for you it will be. I won't sugarcoat it, It is going to stink every time Gary Cohen mentions it or a highlight is shown, and will be uber frustrating when a Met pitcher takes a no hitter into the late innings and fails. But that is par for the course really isn't it. The Mets finally pitching s no hitter when you had something else to do is such a typical Met fan type of thing to happen, as is waiting forever for positive things that happen to regularly to fans of other teams. But the payoff is when you get there it is just better then for people who expect it. And the bottom line is it will be his first time you will have ever seen a Met pitcher pitch a no hitter!!!. And I like the odds of it happening sooner then later. You know Santana is capable of pitching a no hitter, Dickey as a knuckle ball pitcher is capable and I think Niese is too. When it happens it will be an Amazing Met moment for you. Maybe a private moment but just as if not better then the most Mets fans had on 6/1/12


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