Thursday, August 08, 2013

rapping rosalind franklin

Love, love, love this new music video by 7th grade students in Oakland, who have crafted and played out a genius rap battle to illustrate a bit of science history. In one corner: James Watson and Francis Crick. In the other: Rosalind Franklin. Can you guess who wins??

"You showed my data behind my back.
So it’s not just gonna happen like that.
Let’s recognize Rosalind Franklin
Nobel Prize for Rosalind Franklin.

Oooh ooh... that’s my pic. That’s my pic.
Oooh ooh... that’s my pic. That’s my pic.

I heard that you were shown my pic
And you didn’t think that I would find out.
Then you wrote this nice little book getting everyone fired up.
Well I’m back from the dead and I read what you said,
And I’m here to set the record straight now.
Now when you learn about the double he- you better also learn about me."

Kudos to educator Tom McFadden, the mastermind behind the project, who hopes that teachers and students will "utilize, remix, and reinvent these videos while I teach 8th grade biology at The Nueva School next year."

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